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Outreach and events

Find a list of our educational and fundraising events below.

ALL events ARE:


Safety is our highest concern when it comes to engaging with firearms. All events will be held a certified range and will have multiple well trained instructors onsite.


We strive to provide the best information available to make life long hunters and outdoors people.


Our hands on workshops allow students to have access to knowledgeable instructors who are passionate about teaching individuals hunting and conservation skills.


Regardless of you background, hunting and deer management belongs to everyone. The wildlife in Virginia are a public resource that everyone should have access to.

Matthews State forest Youth deer hunting workshop

Partnership with the Department of Wildlife Resources

Sept 14th 2024 and Sept 28th 2024

A two day workshop and mentored hunt geared towards teaching new youth and apprentice people deer hunting skills. Students will have the ability to harvest their first deer with a guided mentor.

Deer hunting workshop

Partnership with the Department of Wildlife Resources

Coming Soon!

Deer hunting 101 Virtual course

Aug 22nd @6:30PM

The New River Valley Branch of the National Deer Association in partnership with the Department of Wildlife Resources are pleased to bring you a virtual course on deer hunting 101. 

Thinking about getting started with deer hunting? How do you even get started? Where can you hunt? What equipment do you need? This virtual deer hunting course will answer these questions and more.

Hunting Access through private and public land Virtual course

Date TBD

Students will learn techniques for gaining access to private land, how to locate and understand public land, and how to navigate and apply for quota hunts in Virginia.