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About Us


Based in Virginia, the New River Valley Branch promotes the National Deer Association’s being united for deer. The branch is dedicated to education, outreach, policy, and advocating for deer and wildlife. Our branch is run by local hunters who have a passion for the outdoors and ensuring the future of white-tailed deer. We are also passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience with hunting white-tailed deer with anyone willing to learn.



Many of our members did not come from traditional hunting families. Hunting is an activity that should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background. If you or someone you know have a willingness to learn about hunting, we are here for you!

Our main goal is to provide science-based information for hunters to empower them to be more informed, successful, and engaged stewards of deer and wildlife. While we focus on white-tailed deer, all wildlife benefits from having hunters on the landscape. The bottom line is, Hunting is conservation.


Mike Arden (President) and Paul Hardrick (Vice president) are heavily involved in the hunting and outdoor community. Both leaders currently volunteer as hunter safety instructors and hunting mentors with the Department of Wildlife resources. Both Mike and Paul also work with Chronic Wasting Disease management in the New River Valley Area.

Mike Arden

Paul hardrick